Embrace Unique

Welcome to Embrace Unique. My name is Merritt Phillips. I am an advocate for young people with ASD, an author, a speaker and a great Mom.

I am so glad you found us! Our philosophy here at Embrace Unique is Hope, Laugh, Love repeat! Here you will find all kinds of fun, positive, helpful things to make your day a little better. On each page you will find our thought of the week. This is meant to help keep you hopeful about the future. You will also find my blog. These blogs are honest writings about raising a child with special needs. I am sure you might find a laugh, because some things in life are just to funny to make up. At this site you will find recipes that are gluten and dairy free, because that is how we roll in our house, and a good cookie can just be what you need to bring a little love into your home. You can also shop our store for cozy sweatshirts or my latest book. Lastly you can check out the calendar and see where I'll be speaking. Just below you can check out my latest Instagram posts, if you missed them the first time.

Check back often, things are always changing in my world!